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Twitter’s Censorship Ramps Up As Media Pushes “New Civil War”

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Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it:  Our right to the freedom of speech is, undoubtedly, the most important tenet of our sovereign society here in America, and we mustn’t let the gatekeepers dissuade us from such.

Back in the days long before the internet, freedom of speech issues would almost always come with sordid controversy.  Song lyrics about killing cops and denigrating women were on the radar of Tipper Gore’s PMRC – a fascist organization aimed at limiting our First Amendment that even the long haired, androgynous rockstar Dee Snider was opposed to.

The PMRC would go on to install explicit content warnings on musical albums; considered a compromise at the time.

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Now, instead of Tipper Gore and her angry cabal of prude mothers, we have Twitter and the rest of the social media censorship shills who are playing gatekeeper to political ideas that they don’t like.

Twitter is limiting the visibility of prominent Republicans in search results — a technique known as “shadow banning” — in what it says is a side effect of its attempts to improve the quality of discourse on the platform.

The Republican Party chair Ronna McDaniel, several conservative Republican congressmen, and Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesman no longer appear in the auto-populated drop-down search box on Twitter, VICE News has learned. It’s a shift that diminishes their reach on the platform — and it’s the same one being deployed against prominent racists to limit their visibility. The profiles continue to appear when conducting a full search, but not in the more convenient and visible drop-down bar. (The accounts appear to also populate if you already follow the person.)

Democrats are not being “shadow banned” in the same way, according to a VICE News review. McDaniel’s counterpart, Democratic Party chair Tom Perez, and liberal members of Congress — including Reps. Maxine Waters, Joe Kennedy III, Keith Ellison, and Mark Pocan — all continue to appear in drop-down search results. Not a single member of the 78-person Progressive Caucus faces the same situation in Twitter’s search.

“The notion that social media companies would suppress certain political points of view should concern every American,” McDaniel told VICE News in a statement. “Twitter owes the public answers to what’s really going on.”

Remember folks, with freedom, you either have it or you don’t.  If we’re not careful to push back against this dictatorial, authoritarian fascism, we soon will learn what it’s like to cede liberty to the worst of the worst.

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