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Twitter Suspends Author of “No Go Zones” Book, Revealing Globalist Slant

Social media has become a free speech battleground in recent months, as platform after platform push their globalist agenda on their users.

Twitter, in particular, has shown an alarming trend toward Fascism in recent years, as they struggle to corral their near-instantaneous publishing rate in a world full of scams, schemes, and worse.  The realtime feedback and opinion basis for Twitter itself has created a need for the social media engine to constantly monitor the content being provided by the service, as it has been shown in the past to be a highly effective recruiting tool for ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups.  Twitter has taken this power trip even further, however, as they arbitrarily relocate their own red line in the sand on a near-daily basis in order to target opinions with which they disagree.

Of course, like a vast majority of the mainstream media, Twitter leans hard to the left, with a particularly worrisome globalist slant as well.  Now, as Twitter’s creative user base begins to produce content about the plight of Europe during the Syrian refugee crisis, the social media giant has been forced to make a decision regarding their status as a radical Islam apologist.

“The Twitter account of Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam has been suspended by the platform, just days after he announced the forthcoming publication of his new book on Radical Islam.

“Titled No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, the new book published by Regnery has already caused a stir on social media and hit a number of best seller lists on Amazon, including Islamic law, terrorism, and the important ‘movers and shakers’ list.

“Kassam implied the sudden decision of Twitter to suspend his account just days after he revealed the controversial cover art of the forthcoming book which challenges radical Islam may have been more than just a coincidence when he took to rival social media Facebook to reveal the shutdown. Kassam also said that his account had never been shut down before.”

Kassam’s book is adorned with a depiction of the Statue of Liberty, sitting in turbulent waters off the coast of New York City, wearing a burka.

The symbolism is fairly obvious, but belies a harsh reality of Europe’s own Islamic plight:  The Muslim community in Europe has been unable to wholly resist radicalization, and the fanatics of Islam are working overtime to eliminate any and all other religious beliefs.  The “no-go zones” referenced by Kassam in his book have sprung up all over Europe, complete with Sharia Law trumping the local law of the land.  This has caused a great number of locales in Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere to become effectively “off limits”…even for the local police.


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