Twitter Getting Ready to Purge Conservatives

The “Alt-Right” has been subject to a Twitter purge, but it could apply to anybody the establishment doesn’t like.

USA Today reports on the Twitter purge:

Twitter suspended high-profile accounts associated with the alt-right movement, the same day the social media service said it would crack down on hate speech.

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Among those suspended was Richard Spencer, who runs an alt-right think tank and had a verified account on Twitter.

The alt-right, a loosely organized group that espouses white nationalism, emerged as a counterpoint to mainstream conservatism and has flourished online. Spencer has said he wants blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews removed from the U.S.

Twitter on Tuesday removed Spencer’s verified account, @RichardBSpencer, that of his think tank, the National Policy Institute @npiamerica, and his online magazine @radixjournal.

If I ran a corporation that provided a public platform, and if this article accurately describes Spencer’s views, then I wouldn’t want to give Richard Spencer use of it either.

But the Twitter purge wasn’t based on a statement that white nationalism is unacceptable.

In a statement, Twitter said: “The Twitter Rules prohibit targeted abuse and harassment, and we will suspend accounts that violate this policy.”

White nationalism may advocate harm to American citizens, but so does advocating a tax increase on any group. Twitter is punishing a political opinion but claiming to be banning “targeted abuse and harassment.” By that definition, they could soon ban all pro-life Twitter accounts as “targeted abuse” of women.

In fact, the media has accused Steve Bannon of “white nationalism” and “anti-Semitism” without any evidence. The mere fact that Bannon and are thought of as “alt-right” was considered proof. That’s like claiming that Ron Paul must be pro-abortion because he identifies as a Libertarian. (See the video here for a defense of Bannon.)

In fact, the accusation of racism is probably being used against Bannon because he has stated that he is opposed to bailing out banks. According to CNBC,

In a presentation Steve Bannon gave during a conference at the Vatican in 2014, the Trump confidant ripped into big banks and their role in the 2008 financial crisis.

He rued that no one ever was held accountable, which he said helped fuel populist fury and groups like the tea party, according to a transcript of his remarks that Buzzfeed published Wednesday.

Bannon ultimately would take the reins of the Trump campaign and will be the White House chief strategist when Trump is sworn in Jan. 20.

Notice that Elizabeth Warren has requested that banks condemn Bannon for his alleged race views.

Why would Dems want banks to comment? More likely, the banks want to destroy Bannon and are using the Democrats to invite them to do so.

Against this backdrop, Twitter has basically crafted an excuse they could use to purge anyone. It is a dishonest rationale.

How long will it be until a video like this on “white privilege” gets censored on Twitter? (Warning: a bad word is used).

Twitter should own up that certain political opinions are not allowed and stop pretending to only oppose “targeted abuse.”

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