Twitter Feels The Wrath of Keyboard-Bound Social Justice Twerps

Twitter is coming under fire today after rolling out gender identification on their platform, even though they allowed a “create your own gender” feature.

The massive social media company recently felt the need to designate genders of their users – not an uncommon necessity for businesses hoping to cash in on a massive user base that advertisers are interested in reaching.  The company, whose realtime algorithms are at the core of its success, is certainly keen to the social justice “movement” that is taking place in the United States as left leaning millennials continue to find new ways to divide themselves into smaller and smaller tropes, each one hoping for a piece of federally enforced justice and a pedestal from which to rant.  In order to appease them, Twitter’s latest gender classification system will include an option to “create your own gender”.  Honestly, that is the only way that you can ever appease these magical, non-male and non-female entities.

But, no.  That wasn’t enough.

Since Twitter was forced to roll out gender identification midstream, some users were forced into “male” or “female” categories until they logged in to “create” their own gender.  That is where their attention-whoring outrage came into play.

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“That’s not enough for many of its critics, who say the company has caused them emotional trauma by assuming people’s gender. ‘Hey, Twitter, it’s bad enough that you enforce a false gender binary, but actually misgendering folks is egregious rhetorical violence,’ one user wrote.

“Another user said the gender assumptions were ‘bulls*t stereotypes,’ while another said they were ‘outdated cissexist binary-centric bulls*t.’

 “’Apparently Twitter thinks it’s okay misgender a few million users,’ one user wrote. ‘Cissexist much?’

“Another Twitter user vented about being ‘assigned male’—’even though my pinned tweet literally says “I’m not cisgender. I’m gender fluid.”‘”

If Americans, including these Twitter users, were to act honestly, they would have to admit that the whole thing is absolute anarchy.

Twitter has given these users the opportunity to correct these assumptions before they even complained.  Therein lies the big, ugly truth about the non-binary gender movement:  It is almost entirely for show.

For those who are confused about their sexual orientation or their “gender identity”, there is no doubt a great struggle occurring.  Those people, however, are not the same people who are shouting from the rooftops every time someone hands them a pink or blue piece of gum to chew.  Those who are so vehemently angry over these unfathomable gender issues are genuinely seeking the attention of their peers.  They’re looking to be tagged on Facebook every time some liberal rag posts a story about binary bathrooms in Texas.  They want their friends to say “I have a non-binary friend, I can’t be cissexist”.

By the way, “cissexist” isn’t a word according Apple spellcheck.

You’re not warriors.  You’re not in battle against America.  And you are most certainly not helping anyone who truly is struggling to reconcile their physical body with their emotional mind.  You’re simply exploiting their struggle to selfishly gain theoretical internet points that mean literally nothing in the real world.

Sorry gender-centric SJW’s.  Your revolution is over.

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