Twitter Fascists Ban Truth for Offending Liberals

Fading Twitter has once again proven why it’s a dying platform, as it continues to be the most aggressive social networking platform that regularly censors conservative and Christian views that its social justice warriors oppose.

The latest victim of Twitter is Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who attempted to announce on Twitter that she was running for U.S. Senate, which included a message outlining her platform, which reiterated the fact she had “stopped the sale of baby body parts.”

This was too much for the Twitter snowflakes, which said it would block the announcement of her candidacy because it was “deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.”

So even though her statement was based in fact and reality, it was too much for Twitter to allow to be communicated to those using the social networking service.

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As for the statement, it alluded to her work when “chairing the House Select Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood, which was created after the Center for Medical Progress released explosive undercover videos of Planned Parenthood personnel boasting about their collection of body parts from unborn children to sell for medical research,” according to Breitbart.

This bizarre, strange company, which is fully converged, isn’t even attempting to present itself as taking the interest of shareholders into account, which it is legally obligated to do.

It’s past time for a lawsuit to be filed against them which forces them to reveal why it things it can treat people and shareholders in this manner, while continuing to lose money.

As for the “inflammatory” statement, who exactly is going to get triggered by it? It’s definitely not conservatives or Christians, so what is it exactly Twitter is trying to say by its actions?

The answer of course, reinforced by many similar actions against conservatives, is it has no interest in having them use the platform if they’re going to express their worldview on it, which is just another way of saying leave.

When people can’t even express the truth concerning what they actually did, it’s entering into draconian territory that completely attempts to shut down voices that don’t align with their twisted values.

Twisted Twitter. I like that. It accurately reflects its outrageous censorship of the right.

Gary Bourgeault

Gary has launched, acquired or managed a number of businesses over the years, as well as, for a period of time, being a financial advisor. Since 2005 he's been writing for a living, focusing on investing, economics, business, and writing books in his spare time. Most important, he's looking at ways to provide alternatives for Christians, conservatives, and others on the right to have platforms that can give a voice to those that are being censored. His latest effort is to provide a vision and practical steps to spread Christian civilization around the world. One part of that is a new website called

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