Twitter Falls to Fascism, Suspending Political Accounts Based on Affiliation

The radical left is turning to fascism at an alarming rate in 2018, in an attempt to silence their political and ideological enemies, as well as run American traditionalists out of power.’

I fully understand how heavy that sounds, but I must admit that it’s wholly true.  We are seeing no shortage of attempts by the left to simply censor and silence those with whom they disagree.  They no longer attempt debates or logical arguments, simply because they cannot win them.  The omnipresence of information, thanks to cell phone and the internet, has outed their pie-in-the-sky politics as unrealistic and untenable.

You see, the world can now research the success rates of things like “socialism”, a favorite tenet of the leftist ideology, and discover that it has never, ever worked.  This factual information is undeniable, and the left hates that it is available.

So they hide it.  They censor those who speak against it.  They have become the Orwellian nightmare of 1984, and they are doing so with terrifying efficiency via social media.

Worse yet, these actions took place mere hours after conservative Candace Owens was suspended after reposting Tweets from new New York Times editor Sarah Jeong, and avowed racist, that were doctored to highlight the hypocrisy of the leftist media.

Make no mistake about it, folks:  The are coming for us.  They are coming for our voice, because they know that we hold the key to unraveling their socialist pipe dream.

We mustn’t be silenced.  The future of the nation depends on it.

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