Did Twitter Chief Just Admit That He Has a Problem With Free Speech?

There is an incredible media revolution occurring in America today, with social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter wholly driving the nation’s political dialogue.

This worrisome new trend is more noticeable now than ever, as more and more Americans embrace the freedom that these platforms provide to them.  Social media is, at once, the soapbox, the bully pulpit, and witness stand, and the campaign poster.  It allows us to gauge the world immediately around us in profound and timely new ways.

It also allows us to argue with whiny liberals who believe that Donald Trump is either a fascist or the antichrist.

The overwhelming scope of these platforms can be intimidating.  Every single faction of society is represented somewhere between Twitter and Facebook, and finding yourself traveling down a rabbit hole of ad hominem attacks has become a commonplace occurrence in our modern society.  Certainly, the freedom to say whatever it is that you wish online is a wonderful circumstance, but not everyone recognizes this…including one of the top twerps of Twitter.

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“On Saturday, the co-founder of Twitter apologized for his creation. Why? Because it allowed the election of Donald Trump. In an interview with The New York Times, Evan Williams explained, ‘I think the internet is broken. And it’s a lot more obvious to a lot of people that it’s broken.’ This is silliness, of course — the internet isn’t broken, any more than guns are ‘broken’ just because bad people use them sometimes. The internet is a tool that can do wonderful good or great evil. But Williams, like many of the Left, believes that if a freedom can be exercised for great evil, it shouldn’t be a freedom at all.

“Thus, he continues: ‘I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place. I was wrong about that. … It’s a very bad thing, Twitter’s role in [electing Trump]. If it’s true that he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter, then yeah, I’m sorry.’

“This is the problem with leftist thought. There were many Americans who were deeply unhappy at Trump’s election. But there were just as many Americans unhappy at President Obama’s election. Just because many Americans don’t agree with Ev Williams doesn’t make a forum for argument and discussion bad. In fact, that’s what should make the forum important.”

Effectively, Williams is claiming that the Washington elite’s clandestine channels and backdoor politicking are a far superior method of governing than listening to the will of We The People.

It’s a disheartening statement, indeed, and could spell the death of social media’s conservative minority.  Facebook has long employed a team of trend-upsetters whose sole purpose is to neutralize any hot conservative topics from reaching the masses.  Twitter, for their part, have been busy fending off massive lawsuits claiming that they are not doing nearly enough to stop the spread of radical Islamic recruitment through their services.  In both cases, the easy way out for these tech giants is top-down censorship, which would likely hand the internet directly to the democrats.

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