Obama on Twitter/ Credit: Pete Souza (whitehouse.gov), wikimedia commons

Twitter CEO Says Trump Opposition Resembles the Arab Spring

Obama on Twitter/ Credit: Pete Souza (whitehouse.gov), wikimedia commons

Perhaps Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is admitting that his platform was used by intelligence operatives to foment civil unrest.

The lies that Liberals are telling themselves was recently articulated by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The Daily Caller reports,

The CEO of Twitter seemingly believes America is currently experiencing civil unrest comparable to the Arab Spring, a series of revolutionary protests, coups and civil wars in the Arab world a few years ago.

While the social media company appears to treading water after a rough past few months, which includes a number of high-level staff departures and a sinking valuation, Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey sees his platform’s influence in society remaining largely the same, if not growing.

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“A lot of the same patterns we’ve seen during the Iranian Green Revolution and the Arab Spring,” Dorsey said Wednesday at a tech conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, according to Fortune. “It was stunning to see how Twitter was being used to have a conversation about the government, with the government.”

Dorsey recounted the first time he got the impression that Twitter was so integral to American society: the protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

I don’t remember the government intelligence agents being on the side of the rioters during the so-called Arab Spring. But that’s what we see in the case of U.S. actions that opposed President Trump—an ongoing coup attempt by the CIA and other bureaucrats in the Federal Government. These unelected state workers with their elite backers and media sympathizers are commonly called the “deep state.” Their criminal actions are the opposite of a populist uprising. They represent the oligarchy refusing to play by the rules.

Also, I don’t remember any uprising of the Arab Spring demanding that their governments be more hostile to a foreign government. Yet that is exactly what is happening here. The crime of the Trump Administration is daring to deal constructively with Vladimir Putin.

Notice that this wasn’t a secret plot on the part of Donald Trump. He openly campaigned on a real change in U.S. foreign policy. This was part of the reason voters chose him over Hillary Clinton and the status quo. Insofar as their vote was about foreign policy, the voters chose Trump’s view of the potential of working with Russia over Clinton’s view.

But the Twitter CEO doesn’t care about any of this. In Dorsey’s fantasy, he’s on the side of the “American Spring.” In fact, enabling it is Twitter’s “superpower,” according to his own words.

In the meantime, Dorsey has developed a tool for repressing speech. Heat Street reports:

Twitter has launched a new way to punish users for bad behavior, temporarily “limiting” their account.

Some users are receiving notices their accounts are limited for 12 hours, meaning only people who follow them can see their tweets or receive notifications. When they are retweeted, people outside their network can’t see those retweets.

Some speculate these limitations are automatic based on keywords, but there is no hard evidence.

This would be fine if this was used uniformly to clamp down on harassment, but it appears to be used on people, simply for using politically incorrect language.

Looks more like the Twitter CEO wants a carefully mowed lawn than the wild growth of spring.

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