Twitter Blocks Congressional Hopeful’s Account Due to Her Beliefs

The modern, digital world of media is quickly becoming a neo-Fascist nightmare for Americans with traditional beliefs.

A sweeping consolidation of media outlets over the course of the last decade has created a perilous outlook for free speech, a constitutionally protected right in the United States.  Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all technically private companies who needn’t adhere to any of the tenets of journalistic integrity, however, and as such, have been suppressing and oppressing American conservative values for years.

In the age of Donald Trump, an unconventional President who is no doubt succeeding in his quest to obliterate the establishment protocols of Washington and the media, Twitter has taken their fascism to a new level, as evidenced by the latest Hitlerian move by the realtime social media giant.

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“Twitter has blocked a video of Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) announcing she is running for U.S. Senate because the announcement touted the congresswoman’s opposition to selling baby parts, which the social media giant claimed is ‘inflammatory.’

“Blackburn is deeply revered by the conservative base of the Republican Party. That admiration and affection arises in part from how this pro-life member of the U.S. House takes positions consistent with her Christian faith and values.

“When the congresswoman announced she was running for the open Senate seat being vacated by moderate Sen. Bob Corker, Blackburn included in her video announcement that she had ‘stopped the sale of baby body parts.’

“This referred to her chairing the House Select Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood, which was created after the Center for Medical Progress released explosive undercover videos of Planned Parenthood personnel boasting about their collection of body parts from unborn children to sell for medical research.”

This latest censorship of widely held beliefs in the American conscience has ushered in a new concern for political equality in America.  If a candidate is cut off at the knees by these social media gatekeepers, can they truly compete against those that Twitter and Facebook approve of?

Calls for the regulation of these internet platforms, particularly in regard to free speech, have been ongoing for years.  The escalation of their bigoted, fascist tendencies over the course of the last year has been astounding, however, leading many to believe that a concerted effort to squash conservatism is on their agenda.


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