Twitter Actively Protecting Liberal Hollywood’s Sexual Predators

There is a revelation on the horizon for the leftist sleaze in Hollywood, California, and social media giant Twitter is attempting to suppress it.

Allegations of gross sexual misconduct by Hollywood kingmaker Harvey Weinstein have rocked the nation over the course of the last few days.  The all-important producer and mogul stands accused of a bevy of inappropriate, and downright disgusting actions in which he levied his position of power to garner sexual attention from many of Tinseltown’s most prominent starlets.  While these disclosures are appalling and frightful on their own, the apparently lengthy coverup of Weinstein’s crimes is even more shocking than the accusations themselves, and appears to be continually active even as the perverted pariah heads to “treatment”.

NBC news apparently canned a story from 2004 that would have exposed Weinstein, presumably at the behest of powerful players in Hollywood aiming to protect their pal.  Now, as actress Rose McGowan attempts to shed even more light on the situation via social media, Twitter has suspended her account – something that the actress believes demonstrates the unwieldy power of the Hollywood hierarchy.

“Rose McGowan was informed Wednesday that her Twitter account has been suspended as the actress continued to speak out against Harvey Weinstein and others for their sexual misconduct.

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“’TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY,’McGowan wrote on Instagram to inform her followers of what happened to her Twitter account.

“McGowan also shared a photo of the notification Twitter sent her stating that she would not be able to tweet, retweet or like other tweets for 12 hours.

“’We have determined this account violated the Twitter Rules, so we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features,’ the message from the social media company read.”

Weinstein, like a great many others who reside in the upper echelon of Hollywood society, is a staunch liberal who used his considerable wealth to grease the palms of democrats and push his own influence on the political system.

Earlier this week, failed democratic candidate Hillary Clinton admitted, (after an abnormally long silence), that she would be donating the monies that she personally received from Weinstein to charity, albeit as part of her annual “10% of income” that he always donates…not in a separate transaction.

Other recipients of Weinstein’s support, including the Obamas, have yet to respond to the scandal.

Should Twitter continue to out themselves as a shell media outlet for the liberal and perverse leftists of Hollywood, a grand reckoning could be on the horizon for the entirety of liberalism.

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