This TV Anchor was Fired for Calling out Black Thugs

Black Thugs is the new “N” word according to the Orwellian speech police.

Never mind that Obama has freely used the term to describe looters (who happen to be black). I guess it’s ok to have Obama call out Black Thugs because he’s black of course. Radio and Television stations especially the corporately owned ones, are the first ones to sacrifice employees on the altar of political correctness. David Hughes from DCRTV.COM mentioned this on facebook:

Another broadcaster loses his job for what he posted on Facebook. From Tom Taylor Now: KRLD Dallas weatherman resigns over post about “the mothers of slain thugs” at DNC convention.

Bob Goosmann learns an expensive lesson from a single Facebook post. says Bob later wrote this comment on its own site – “I was angry that the DNC used these mothers to garner votes, and that’s it…I used the word ‘thugs’ in my post, but I thought a thug was just a violent person…I talked with an African-American acquaintance, and he told me that he feels like when he hears the word, it is in reference to an African-American individual. I had no idea.”

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Goosmann was referring to the mothers of slain African-American males such as Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. He says he resigned from CBS-owned news/talk KRLD/1080, but he would’ve been fired – “and rightly so.”

Bob understands that “what I say online, no matter where, reflects upon my station and employer.”

Goosmann was chief meteorologist at KRLD and has also done weather on television.  says he’s done with broadcasting, but still loves the weather. He says “Don’t need TV or radio for that.”

Goosmann should be pointing out that a thug is a thug and has always been a thug weather it was White thugs, Hispanic thugs or Black thugs.

You can tell by the frightened tone of his comments here he just caved to political correctness. He’s saying these things because he wants his job back and he wants to get back into the broadcasting industry that he is in. The political correctness fascists just won this round because they came to do what they accomplished. These fascists silenced Bob Goosmann and sent a clear message to anyone else that they are next. They will seek out your personal Facebook accounts and troll it for any perceived offense.

The only way forward is to stop it dead in it’s tracks. Sue the broadcasting company. Drag this out in the news. Start a movement.  Shout this out from the rooftops. Be willing to fight these politically correct fascists to the very bloody end. When you fight back and expose them they shrink back into their holes where they came from like the cockroaches that they are.

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