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Turncoat Republican Senator Comes to Hillary Clinton’s Defense

President Donald Trump is facing opposition from within his own party the likes of which few Presidents have ever experienced.

At first, and predictably, the President’s worst enemies were the liberals who opposed him in the 2016 election, spearheaded by the Hillary Clinton camp that spent countless hours attempting to paint the President as some sort of supreme bigot.  Now, however, the opposition is coming from a little closer to home.

As Trump attempts to right the American ship on issues such as healthcare and immigration, some republicans are falling victim to the anti-Trump movement emanating from the left that completely contradicts the will of the American people.  Trump was, after all, elected in a near landslide in the electoral college, with U.S. voters placing a heavy emphasis on the issues that Trump promised to correct.  Suddenly these turncoat republicans are making life extremely difficult for The Donald.

Worse yet, some members of the GOP legislature have gone further than merely criticizing the Trump agenda, and have begun launching more personal attacks aimed at Trump’s supporters.

On Sunday, republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona joined this republican revolt against Americans by denouncing the nation’s overwhelming desire to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her illegal and unethical actions.

“Flake said, ‘During rallies when the chants, “lock her up,” you know, we shouldn’t be the party for jailing your political opponents. And anybody at that rally, anybody at those rallies, ought to stand up and say, “That’s inappropriate. We shouldn’t be doing that.”‘

“He added, ‘And I wish we as a party and elected officials would do more of that. Or in particularly ugly conspiracy theories come out or simply fake news, stuff that is just demonstrably false, we ought to stand up and say, “Hey, that’s just not right.””

Flake’s absurd comments came during a Sunday morning interview on liberal network NBC’s program “Meet The Press”.

What many of these delusional congressmen are forgetting is that Donald Trump was chosen by America to lead the nation, based on the promises he made to us during the election of 2016; an election in which the nation gathered together to exclaim our disdain for Washington’s business-as-usual nonsense.  During that election, this message was directed fairly succinctly at Hillary Clinton’s brand of criminality, but now, congressional elitists are finding their way into the crosshairs as Senators such as Flake and John McCain continue to defy the will of We The People.

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