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Turncoat McCain Finds YET ANOTHER Reason to Lambast POTUS

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While President Trump has many a thorn in his proverbial side at the moment, none has been more ornery in Congress than Senator John McCain.

McCain, who is often touted as a “war hero” despite eyewitness testimony to the contrary, has been an adversary of Donald Trump and a number of other conservative politicians for ages.  The long-time senator from Arizona has been at odds with his republican party for as long as anyone has known him, including during the latest push to reform healthcare – taking an irresponsible opportunity to vote against the repeal of Obamacare at the last minute, despite the American people’s overwhelming desire to see the faulty legislation destroyed.

Now his vocal violations of the nation’s trust are taking an even uglier turn after the much-anticipated pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump.

“But the president also heard criticism from lawmakers in his own party. Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, frequently a thorn in Trump’s side, was among the most vocal critics. Trump pardoning the sheriff ‘undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law,’ McCain tweeted.”

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McCain’s insubordinate and nearly treasonous betrayal of We The People’s wishes was echoed by a number of media outlets as well.

“The Arizona Republic, the largest newspaper in Arpaio’s home state, denounced the pardon, saying it placed the former sheriff in ‘the pantheon of those who see institutional racism as something that made America great.’

“The pardon ‘elevated the disgraced former Maricopa County sheriff to monument status among the immigration hardliners and nationalists in Trump’s base,’ wrote the editorial board. ‘This erases any doubt about whether Trump meant to empower them after the violence in Charlottesville.’

“The newspaper’s editorial board has been critical of Trump before. Last year, it backed Hillary Clinton in the general election, the first time it endorsed a Democrat for president during the paper’s 125-plus-year history.”

The Republic’s unbelievably irresponsible editorial has emboldened the violent, radical left in America, who have taken to the streets in increasing frequency over the course of the last few weeks.

Should these sort of provocative and incendiary statements continue to make the rounds in the liberal media, there is a sincere worry among conservatives that the left will finally get the New Civil War that they have been pining for.


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