Turkish Mass Shooter! Not Hispanic [VIDEO]

Despite new stories about a Hispanic killer in the Washington mall, we now know he is a Turkish mass shooter.

A Turkish mass shooter was finally reported. Earlier stories had said something quite different.

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The news video says that the authorities were looking for “a Hispanic man.” Why? Obviously there are several ethnicities that would exhibit the same skin tone. Yet they confidently eliminated all other possibilities. By telling the public that the unidentified suspect was Hispanic, they made a false identification more likely and risked never finding the culprit.

Because, when they did find the culprit, he turned out to be a Turkish mass shooter.

Thus, Reuters ran the headline, “Motive sought in fatal shooting at Washington state mall after arrest.” According to the article,

Investigators were working to determine what led a gunman to open fire and kill five people in a department store at a Washington state mall, police said on Sunday after arresting a 20-year-old suspect in the deadly rampage.

Police took Turkish-born Arcan Cetin into custody on Saturday evening in Oak Harbor, about 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Burlington where the shooting occurred on Friday night.

Cetin’s demeanor when apprehended was “zombie like,” police said at a news conference. He was unarmed and did not run from officers, they said.

A motive for the rampage remains unclear and Cetin, who is due to appear in court on Monday, has not been charged.

The FBI said while they had no indication the attack was a “terrorism act,” it could not rule out that possibility.

So they aren’t certain of a motive now but they were certain that he was Hispanic. Can anyone explain that?

And what do they mean that they have “no indication” that the attack was an act of terrorism? Mass murder of civilians by a person from an Islamic culture isn’t proof of a terrorist attack, but it does indicate the likelihood.

Political correctness is again interfering with our basic security.

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