Turkey Calls for a Ground War in Syria

The Turkish situation in the Syrian war is not going well. Since the Russian Air Force has been assisting Syrian government forces, they have accomplished substantial gains. These gains have especially occurred in the north and against Turkish-backed rebels.

According to Fox, at the same time, there were gains made by the
Syrian Kurds. This group has been considered insurgents and terrorists by the Turkish government. They have taken advantage of the Russian air strikes to enlarge their holdings south of Turkey.

In response, as I reported, Turkey wants a ground war. They want this war to happen soon, and they wish to take part.

Fox reports

“We want a ground operation. If there is a consensus, Turkey will take part,” a Turkish official, who declined to be named in order to speak more freely, told reporters in Istanbul, according to Reuters. “Without a ground operation it is impossible to stop this war.” There was no immediate U.S. response.

Now, selfish motives aside, they actually might be on to something. But, should we lead such an operation? And what would the consequences be for America?

With Russian involvement, at the best, the U.S. would be facing Russian made and produced equipment. At worse, possibly Russian forces and air power.

Along with another U.S. ally, the Turks want American men and women to fight for their interests. I doubt that this is something that will benefit us as we have nothing to gain.

We are unlikely to have any leadership in Syria that will be under our influence. It would be better that these brave allies send in their children to defend their own interests.

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