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Tucker Carlson Shows Shades of Alex Jones on Syria Spectacle

Let’s not beat around the bush:  Strange things are certainly afoot in our modern geopolitical world, with unprecedented maneuvers occurring every day, whether we realize it or not.

It’s a lot to digest, and in a matter of hours, one could have a thousand color-coded pins stuck into any number of maps, and number of Post-It notes in any number of Harvard or Yale yearbooks.  The connections are as endless as the universe in both scope and gravity, and there is no doubt that something is very surely “up”.

The real problem with heading into this conspiracy theory world is that information in this realm doesn’t flow like it does in our everyday lives.  In regular life, you send data outward, ever expanding into the universe, like the story of that one time your uncle caught that one huge bass out at the lake house.  It’s a reverse funnel.  It sprays out into the ethos, and is harnessed whenever needed, but anyone who has happened to hear it.

Conspiracy theories work the other way.  Information out in the ether, often regardless of accuracy, begin funneling down into a single statement; a single molecule of data.  That is why so many conspiracy theories revolve around tragedy.  The suddenness and power of that tragedy elicits an inordinate amount of emotion out into the world.  As all of that falls back down to earth, the receptive ones gather those emotions into their funnels, and harness that social energy for whatever purpose they wish.

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Now, in the case of the latest chemical weapon attack in Syria, things get extremely hard to follow, so let’s allow Reddit to explain it for us:

Like other Middle Eastern nations that were part of the Arab Spring, there was an undercurrent of discontent in the Syrian population that finally reached a boiling point. It started with relatively peaceful protests that the Assad regime responded to with violence. That escalated things really quickly and many members of the Syrian military defected to join opposition groups. Commence a civil war.

Who are the main combatants?

You have:

  • Assad’s regime which is backed by the Syrian military in addition to some other militia and paramilitary groups.
  • The opposition, comprised primarily of the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front.
  • The Islamic State.
  • The Kurds, backed by the Peshmerga/YPG.
  • The Coalition Joint Task Force, comprised of Western nations who are more opposed to the Islamic State then they are allied with any other group.
  • Russia, Iran and Hezbollah who support the Assad regime.

Why is it so devastating?

Because it’s been a bloody stalemate reminiscent of World War I. Going back to who the combatants are, it’s a total clusterf*** of entangling alliances. The United States supports the Kurds, but the Kurds are at odds with Turkey (a NATO ally) and elements of the opposition groups. Russia supports Assad and is opposed to the Islamic State and the opposition groups, while the United States is opposed to Assad and the Islamic State but not the opposition groups. The Assad regime has essentially decided it would rather let the opposition groups fight it out with the Islamic State, and many argue that Assad has given indirect support to IS. Meanwhile IS is selling black market oil to Turkey, which the United States does NOT like.

The idea that Assad would use these weapons in recent days has, based on the information above, confused Tucker Carlson…

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