TSA Once Again Proves Ineptitude: Agents Test Positive For Drugs and Booze


Luckily, America has only been cursed with a single Transportations Security Administration, as they frivolous agency continues to stumble over itself in their quest to make America appear safe again.

And that is what they do;  they create the illusion of safety.  Their entire existence is built on the principle of the “security theater” – while they may not stop any actual terrorists, their mere presence is meant to be a deterrent to would-be evildoers.  Effective?  Sure.  But there are consequences to the nonchalance inherent to the organization.

“An investigation has uncovered the fact that hundreds of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers at airports around the country have failed to pass drug and alcohol tests.

“Federal records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that through random testing (and tests given upon suspicious behavior), 858 TSA employees have tested positive for drugs or alcohol between 2010 and 2016. TSA fires all employees who fail a drug or alcohol test.”

That’s right:  The goon with the undue badge who just groped your young child may have been high or tipsy when they did so.

Americans are rightly furious over the incompetence of the TSA, as the agency consistently bumbles through everyday life, while simultaneously accosting every square inch of our freedom.  We are led like cattle into their awaiting, sweaty palms, only to be dehumanized, sorted, scanned, and ultimately scammed by the completely unnecessary government entity.  American travelers are being forced to endure heinous and egregious embarrassment at the grabby hands of a possibly stoned or drunk, power hungry and incompetent fellow citizen.

While America’s safety is of the utmost import in this day and age, the TSA is a powerful reminder to our nation that the federal government is a brazen, unwieldy beast with zero capability to understand that nuances of law and freedom.  The herding of American travelers into these ridiculous  pat-down lines and nude-inducing full body scanners is not only an embarrassment to those forced to endure them, but an embarrassment for the freest nation in history.

“Homeland Security analyst Scott Winegar said that it’s unreasonable to expect 100 percent compliance. ‘We can optimize what we expect from the screeners and we can optimize the people we select,’ he said, ‘but I don’t think we are ever going to be able to have absolutely zero mistakes.’

“Increased employee misconduct at TSA was revealed in a U.S. House Homeland Security Committee report from July 2016. ‘TSA employees have been criminally charged for using cocaine on the job, facilitating large-scale drug and human smuggling, and engaging in child pornography activities.’”

The unwillingness to even strive for 100% compliance is an unnerving reality of the bloated Transportation Security Administration, which was hastily erected in the wake of the horrific attacks of September 11th, 2001.  This is still America, where ingenuity and quality are deemed requirements of our every action.  What the TSA has proven, time and again, is that they have no place in American society or Americans’ pants.


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