UNBELIEVABLE: This is How the TSA Handled Their 73 Employees on the Terrorist Watch List

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fired two of the 73 employees who were on a terrorist watch list. The remaining 71 had their names “scrubbed” from the watch list on the advice of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Apparently, not only did the TSA fail to identify inert explosives and fake weapons 95% of the time during recent sting investigations, they also failed to identify that some 73 of the people the TSA’s employees had links to terrorism.

The TSA were apparently not privy to the watch list names at the time. In response to the revelation that the TSA had employed 73 people on the terrorist watch list, only two ended up being fired, according to what TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger told Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass) during a House Oversight Committee hearing Thursday on TSA misconduct. CNS News reported:

“So one of the first things we did was, I wanted the FBI’s read on every one of these individuals, and the answer back was that none of them met sufficient information to actually directly call them a terrorist or associate of a terrorist. But that said, we looked back at it. Many no longer hold their credentials. Two of them had their credentials removed, and the remainder have actually been scrubbed out of the database on the advice of the FBI,” Neffenger said, adding that it was “very valuable” to get “automated access to the categories of that separate database.”

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As a result, the TSA was able to “feed into the terrorist watch list or the terrorist screening database, and now we do a full automated review of every single credential holder against that database, and if anybody pops up in any category, it allows you to take a harder look at them – which we do – and then we then go back to the intelligence community and to the FBI, and we do a scrub on those individuals,” he said.

I’ve always thought that the TSA have been looking at the wrong people all along. They claim to be concerned about American passengers’ safety and preventing terrorist attacks by assuming that everyone traveling by plane is a potential terrorist. They never really cared about the people working for them.

We already know that many TSA agents have been shown to be people of low moral character, easily bribed, and overall incompetent. It’s purely by the grace of God that we haven’t sustained another terrorist attack, because the TSA certainly has had nothing to do with security.

A smart terrorist wouldn’t operate by trying to sneak past airport security. He’d either pay off a couple TSA security agents to let him through with his explosives – which would actually be very easy to do – or he and some of his terrorist buddies would work within the TSA. They’d get jobs as security agents, and then they’d have access to aircraft and other secured areas of airports.

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