TSA Goes From Inept To Criminal In Orlando After Money Snatched From Luggage

September 11th, 2001 was an absolutely horrific day for America, whose effects have persisted throughout our society in the ensuing 15 plus years.

One such residual reaction of the terrorist attack that killed thousands of Americans was the installation of the Transportation Security Administration in airports across the country.  The TSA, an inept and ridiculous agency tasked with preventing any further large-scale, plane-related terrorism, has been ineffective at best, having stopped exactly zero terrors plots from coming to fruition while being an enormous burden on the American traveling taxpayer.

Furthermore, the invasive organization which has been groping children and the elderly for over a decade, has been known to hire some of the most unscrupulous characters from American society to complete their tawdry task.

Now, yet another agent of the organization has been caught red-handed, violating their code of ethics and breaking the law.

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Transportation Security Administration employee was arrested Thursday after he was caught on video stealing cash from a bag going through screening at Orlando International Airport, Orlando police say.

“Alexander Shae Johnson, 22, who had been with TSA just a few months, was arrested on a charge of third-degree felony grand theft, records show.

“A passenger was going through security when she was selected for a pat-down search and saw Johnson was standing near her bag.

“Afterward, she went through her bag to make sure her cash was still there, but it was missing.

“She noticed a bulge coming from Johnson’s shirt pocket that turned out to be money, according to a report.

“Johnson said the cash was his, but the video said otherwise and he was arrested.”

Once again, the immoral and ineffective government agency has been caught with their hands in the pockets of Americans.

The situation with the TSA in America is already costly enough, as taxpayers have been on the hook for the organization’s expenses during the last 15 years.  Now, however, the TSA is taking a much more direct approach to taxpayer cash it seems.

The TSA is not legally required to perform security checks at our nation’s airports, and the constant stream of poor behavior by these undertrained agents has several plane stations considering a move to a private security force.

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