TSA Adds Even More Authoritarian Filth to Their Repertoire

If there is one federal agency that perfectly illustrates the bloat and the disorganization within our government, it would be the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration was hastily installed shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th as a way for the federal government to oversee security at airports, train stations, and anywhere else where jihadists could target travelers.  At the time, many Americans railed against the TSA’s invasive and embarrassing practices, claiming that there was a gross invasion of privacy occurring right here on American soil, sponsored by the federal government.

They weren’t wrong, and this particular waste of taxpayer money is not getting any more salient in the meantime.

Now, 15 years removed from that horrific day, the TSA continues to devolve into a chaotic, nonsensical government agency with far too much power.  Americans are being subjected to even more ridiculous searches at airports that now include near-mandatory trips through a powerful x-ray machine and “enhanced” pat-downs that see these barely qualified government jackboots reaching under male genitalia and between the breasts of female Americans.

As if that weren’t invasive enough, it seems that our food and our books are no longer safe as well.

“Federal airport security officials have begun asking travelers to take books and food out of their carry-on luggage, prompting some fliers to complain about a further invasion of the limited privacy they have left at checkpoints.

“Transportation Security Administration officials say they are taking the steps on a test basis at a handful of airports nationally mainly because carry-on bags are getting so stuffed that screening agents at x-ray machines are have a hard time seeing what’s in the bags.

“Some everyday items, including books and magazines, can look similar to explosives when going through the X-ray machine, federal security officials said. Screeners may ‘fan’ through books to see if anything is hidden, TSA official Carrie Harmon said, but Harmon said screeners are not checking to see what people are reading.”

While the terrorism that occurred on that fateful day a decade and a half ago is surely one of the most egregious acts of violence ever to have occurred on the planet, it is still an isolated incident in America.  We, thankfully, live in a nation where massive organized terror actions are quite infrequent.  It is the severity of the attack that has allowed it to remained poignant all this time later, further solidifying the TSA’s unwarranted role in our nation’s security theater.
The TSA, which is not legally required to be employed at airports around the nation, needs to be reexamined, retooled, and possibly abolished in favor of a free market system.  The quality of the work that they perform is far from acceptable, and that has been true from the very beginning.

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