The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior [video]

The American Mirror suggests the obvious topic every media outlet should be covering but isn’t is the “questionable health condition” of Hillary Clinton– which also should be the primary issue of the 2016 campaign. Hillary does seem unwell, and more than usual.

In the short video below, Paul Joseph Watson breaks down several plausible medical conditions after speaking with doctors who analyzed Clinton’s behavior.

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Does Hillary Clinton have brain damage?

Is she experiencing side-effects from anti-seizure medication?

Is she (or has she) suffering from mini-strokes?

Does she have Parkinson’s Disease, as other medical experts have suggested?

What is the cause of her incessant coughing, facial ticks, seizure-type movements, untimely and uncontrollable laughing fits?

And why is no one asking her directly about her health in light of the fact that it is an obvious and serious problem?

There’s definitely something wrong when she can’t walk up stairs by herself.

Contrast this behavior with Republican nominee Donald Trump who held the torch while jogging during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

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