The Truth about Global Warming is… Flat

The below graph is the long time favorite “conclusive evidence” of “anthropogenic” or “man-caused” global warming cited by both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Atmospheric and Space Administration bureaus that employ tens of thousands of science Ph.D.s studying this “we’re all gonna die! (gasp)” problem.

However, when we put the data displayed herein on a simple, straight-forward Excel graph starting with a typically lowest temperature seen on the planet in the time of this data and ending with the highest temperature seen, we see this:The average temperature of Earth is 50 Fahrenheit degrees.  The typical winter lowest temperature is -50 Fahrenheit degrees and the typical highest temperature is 120 Fahrenheit degrees. The blue line drawn from 1850 to 2010, 160 years plotted on the scale we actually experience is dead flat!  There is no detectable rise or fall.

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The temperature on Earth for 160 years has been unchanged significantly in spite of all the panic pushed by the elected ruling class seeking more power, new bureaus, regulations and taxes for the purpose of fleecing the people.

The American people are burned out on war so they cannot sell that any more.  George W. Bush pulled of the last such scam with great success for himself, his family and friends.  His Vice President was on the Halliburton, Inc. payroll all the time he was serving as Vice President.  The Democrats have done no better keeping us in Afghanistan for 16 years so Afghanis can grow more opium poppies to poison our people.  Donald Trump may have gone to Washington, DC to “drain the swamp,” but what we really need is someone to flush the toilet!

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Adrian Vance

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