The Truth: Donald Trump was the Only Person NOT Colluding with Russia

The Democrats obviously overplayed their hand on the tenuous Trump-Russia collusion claims.

First, their investigation began to stall after no evidence of any malfeasance could be found.

Then the investigation began to heat up again when investigators began to learn that it was actually the Clinton team that had been colluding with Russia against Trump during the campaign.

“I think that this further proves if there was anyone that was colluding with the Russians to influence the election look no further than the Clintons and the DNC. Hypocrisy at the highest level and a new low in politics. Everything the Clinton campaign and DNC were falsely accusing the president of doing the past year they were doing it themselves,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox News on Thursday.

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Also on Fox News, conservative pundit Mollie Hemingway agreed with Sanders about the “stunning turn of events.”

“This is a profoundly vindicating day. It turns out the Clinton campaign was doing what it accused the Trump campaign of doing. Wittingly or unwittingly working with the Russians to undermine the 2016 election or to affect it. We now know the Clinton campaign and DNC were some of the founders of this shoddy Russian dossier in which a foreign spy was paying Kremlin operatives and other people for information or what turned out to be disinformation about Donald Trump. And that the person was to leak the information. It is a stunning turn of events and we will soon learn how serious people were about the need to hold people accountable for collusion,” she said.

Journalist Chris Wallace cut right to the point as he opined about the stunning hypocrisy displayed by the Democrats on the collusion story.

“It seems that their concern about getting foreign countries involved in interfering in the election … was fine if it was them doing it to Trump [but] not so good if it was potentially, allegedly Trump doing it to them,” Wallace said accusingly.

Funny enough, as conservative pundit Mark Steyn points out, it seems that everyone was colluding with Russia… everyone except for Donald Trump.

It’s all true and the Democrats should be ashamed… but of course, they’re not. By definition, Democrats can feel no shame. 🇺🇸

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