Trump’s Winning Formula to Make America Great Again

Trump knows how to win while everyone else is spit balling it.

Let’s rewind, shall we.  The primaries. Remember when Trump took a shot at John McCain’s sacred war record? Trump completely understood the mood of the country. He made those statements knowing full well how disgusted people are with the Establishment. Trump knew he could get away with it and actually score points with voters. All the media came out and said this statement was going to sink Trump.  It only made him stronger. Trump spits in the face of conventional wisdom and the punditry class. Nobody understands the voting electorate better then Donald Trump. All the Fox News All stars tell us how to win and their advice is chock full of crap.

Trump was told to not attack Hillary personally.

Like bleating sheep, we heard from the political media experts that Trump attacking Hillary wasn’t going to work. Whatever you do, don’t bring up past Clinton scandals. If you do, the Democratic party would be playing the woman card and would make Trump out to be a bully. We heard from some of the most conservative know it alls that Trump just needed to stick to the issues. Don’t get personal. It will make you look anti-woman. This will  feed into Trump’s coarse stereotype that he can’t win the woman vote. Trump did the exact opposite and exposed how crooked Hillary truly was. So much so, that Hillary could not wash out the stain of scandal. Anytime Hillary tried to drum up dirt on Trump, it was transparent and laughable. Trump destroyed Hillary and it was epic.

We have been told that Trump needs to tread carefully on the abortion issue.

Fat little pot bellied pig Karl Rove was super happy to see Trump stumble on the abortion question with Chris Mathews during the primary season. He thought he could turn Trump into another Todd Akin. During the debate, Trump drew Hillary into the abortion debate and forced her to defend her position on late term abortion. Trump destroyed Hillary in debate number three, and it hurt her bad. All this conventional wisdom we’ve heard forever, Trump completely turned on it’s head.

We are now told that Trump needs to make deals with Democrats if he wants to get anything done.

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Doesn’t it absolutely amaze you how the media, including DC elite jocksniffers on Fox News, tell Trump what he must do to win?  These are the same fools who told Trump he couldn’t win in the primary or the general election with  his “tone.” Trump fully understood that if he was going to win the presidency he would need to run as a conservative. He also fully knows that if he wants a second term, he must act on his promises.  Trump is not a politician. Trump is an entrepreneur. Donald Trump is a businessman. He wants to win. Trump wants to win a second term. The best way to win is to drain the swamp. President-elect Trump knows winning means ignoring all the bad political advice that Republicans have been following for the past 20 years.  Winning means doing the exact opposite of what conventional wisdom tells you what to do.


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