Trump’s Unifying Inaugural Address, and Why the Media Calls It Divisive [WATCH!]

It was a unifying inaugural address but, since it didn’t pay homage to elites, their journalists do not approve.

Did Donald Trump give a unifying inaugural address?

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According to the media, the answer is No! Why? Because he said “America first”!

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Why on earth would a speech to Americans be divisive because he promised the government would put America first?

Likewise, Real Clear Politics shows that Chuck Todd expressed a similar reaction to Donald Trump’s speech.

I have to say, it was surprisingly divisive for an inaugural address and I say it this way. We said it was a challenge when you’re elected as an outsider, you’re elected as a populist and you’re channeling what was real anger out there with his supporters. It’s tough to be both a unifier and a populist carrier. He went with populism and I think that it is going to play well with his folks but that wasn’t the type of inaugural address that was intended to bring this country together…

America first. There was a point there, Lester, where it felt as if he almost was insulting every living president that was sitting next to him in very personal ways.

Tom Brokaw chimed in that it was also insulting to every Republican in Congress because he “went after politicians point blank.”

I’m not surprised that the media is upset, but I wish they would not pretend to be advocates of “unity.”

Let me spell this out as plainly as I can. This was a unifying inaugural address because it advocated and promised the benefit of all Americans equally. As a unifying inaugural address, it did not recognize the oppressor class—politicians—as a part of that group. Politicians are primarily taxfeeders while the rest of us are taxpayers. Lowering the burdens on us—all of us—while promising politicians will serve our interests rather than making us feed theirs, was a unifying message.

The media can’t see that because it has a different view of unity. In their view, the job of the President is to convince the American people that they are joined to the parasites sucking their blood every day. They think Donald Trump will have “matured in office” when he assumes a role that resembles a social worker forcing a wife and children to accept an abusive husband.

But notice the grudging admission: Donald Trump hasn’t forgotten who put him in the White House.

That’s amazing!

And it seems he is planning to continue on the path. Reuters reports,

Donald Trump is preparing to sign executive actions on his first day in the White House on Friday to take the opening steps to crack down on immigration, build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and roll back outgoing President Barack Obama’s policies.

Trump, a Republican elected on Nov. 8 to succeed Democrat Obama, arrived in Washington on a military plane with his family a day before he will be sworn in during a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol.

Aides said Trump would not wait to wield one of the most powerful tools of his office, the presidential pen, to sign several executive actions that can be implemented without the input of Congress.

The message of Donald Trump’s unifying inaugural address was that he promises to work diligently for all Americans. He couldn’t make such a promise and speak well of politicians.

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