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Trump’s Swamp Fighting Back Harder Than Ever in New Cold Coup

President Trump’s promise to drain the swamp is coming back to bite him in a big way, as establishment Washingtonians look to preserve their cushy lifestyle.

Our nation’s capital has become quite exposed in recent decades as being built on a bedrock of greed, wealth, and everything in between.  A great many of our politicians are simply cheerleaders for the enormously wealthy industries that spend their days lobbying throughout the halls of the capital, often asking for favors that behoove only their banks accounts at the expense of the health or safety of the American people.  While this reality has been exposed in the past, President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to uproot the entire corrupt system in order to give America back to the people.

In a nefariously calculated move, American politicians played along with Trump during the campaign, with blame for the greed being lobbed back and forth over party lines like hand grenades of shame.  It was a fantastic ways for the left and the right to once again pin the American people’s trouble on one another, and it bolstered the soon-to-be President’s message.

Once Trump took office, however, all of that blew away like ashes in the wind.

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Now that Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office, actually attempting to drain the swamp, the swamp is fighting back.  The once-liberal “resistance” to the President has spread far and wide in Washington, with congressional lifers and Washington insiders banding together to stop Trump’s corrective measures at all costs.  It is a sick example of self-preservation gone wrong, and a direct insult to We The People.

“A handful of current and former career staffers in the Interior Department and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have openly shredded their superiors within the last several weeks, continuing a trend that has developed throughout the government over the course of Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office.

“The growing opposition in the executive branch comes as the White House’s legislative agenda has stalled in Congress and Trump turns to his Cabinet agencies to change course in several policy areas. It also is emanating from career staffers or political holdovers whose resistance to Trump has, at times, been rooted in deep opposition to the president’s agenda.

 “’From our point of view, it’s kind of obvious,’ said Jeff Ruch, the executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), when asked about staffers’ growing pushback.

“’You have Donald Trump, who ran and said he would drain the swamp, meaning them.’

“Trump’s allies have often cast the president as the victim of the ‘deep state,’ an entrenched liberal bureaucracy bent on damaging his agenda through leaks and resistance.”

This abhorrent “resistance” to the President’s Washington whitewash is a complete selling out of the American people, and would be met with the overturning of much of our government if the true extent of their selfishness were to go mainstream.

The swamp’s systems have been in place for far too long to invoke a public revolt at this point, with far too many Americans still refusing to question anything that they learn from the liberally-controlled media.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who was elected to be a non-D.C. President, is being stifled at every turn due to the greed of those who wish to continue suckling at the lobbyist teat.


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