Republican 2016 Election

If This Man Is the Nominee, It May Be Time to Let the GOP Burn

Another primary, another win for Donald Trump. Sure, Cruz won Utah, and that’s fantastic, but seeing millions of votes stack up for someone as vile as Donald Trump is beginning to make me sick.

Donald Trump is an egomaniacal bully with a truly frightening god complex. I was going to make a joke here, or an amusing comparison, but I decided not to because this is deadly serious.

Though Trump’s wealth places him in the spotlight, everyone knows, or has known, a Trump. They’re small, cruel people who operate in a world no one else can see. They believe themselves to be gods among insects, whose intellect, strength, and prowess in all areas are second to none.

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Trumps are masters of their own universe, and the people around them only exist as supporting players. Trumps don’t see people as human beings, they see them as objects to be manipulated for personal gain.

But there’s a catch. With all the ego comes a deep reservoir of insecurity. A slight nudge is all it takes to set a Trump spinning out of control. The results are often ugly and disproportionate. Trumps take aim at those whom they believe have slighted them, and hit them with irrational force. We saw this behavior Tuesday night with the Donald.

A Super PAC unaffiliated with Ted Cruz (by law) used an image of Melania Trump in a Utah advertisement. The image was from a photo shoot Melania did for G.Q. over fifteen years ago.

Trump freaked out, tweeting the following:

Ted Cruz responded with restraint, because he’s not an unhinged narcissist:

Trump’s rage-threat to Heidi Cruz got 15,000 retweets and 32,996 “likes” as of this publication. So, at least 48,000 people saw Trump’s tweet and thought “Yes, this is an appropriate response.” That’s terrifying.

This is the front-runner for our party’s nomination. Twitter tirades about Megyn Kelly, Fox News, Ted Cruz, and anyone else he believes doesn’t treat him “fairly” come standard. Donald Trump is everything you pray your kid won’t be, and he’s dominating the election.

If it’s the case that Donald Trump wins the nomination, and goes on to face Hillary Clinton in the general election, I will not vote for him. Hillary is evil, but Trump is no “lesser of two.” He’s a grotesque imitation of a man for whom I have nothing but contempt. The litany of abhorrent things Trump has done and said is nearing “too long to list.”

He has no problem mocking the disabled, dismissing POWs (even though he dodged the draft five times), referring to his sexual escapades as his “personal Vietnam,” calling for a blanket ban of all Muslims, and lying repeatedly about nearly everything.

If Donald Trump is the nominee, it may be time to let the Republican Party burn to the ground. If this “man” is what we’ve come to desire as a leader, we’ve lost our spark of humanity.

To the millions who have fallen for Trump’s BS, I’m shocked you have the mental capacity to breathe, let alone drag your carcass to a polling station. And to those who know very well who Trump is, and want him regardless, I have nothing to say. What can be said?

There’s still hope for redemption with Ted Cruz, but so long as John “Pick-me-for-VP” Kasich is acting as a spoiler, we get closer to a Trump nomination every day; in which case, light it up.

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