Women love to hate Trump

Trump’s Magical Power Over Liberal Women

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying President-elect Donald Trump has charisma that reaches across political lines.

That might help to explain the mystifying, surprising, almost Arthur Fonzarelli-like hold he has on liberal women.

While liberals like to kvetch and moan about Trump’s sexism, they simultaneously seem to be drawn to his flashy, flamboyant, undeniably masculine personality in a way that could never be matched by the smarmy, wimpy, mom-jeans-wearing dorkishness of his predecessor.

They may project perpetual mock horror at what Trump said about grabbing women “by the p***y,” and pretend that he meant to confess to serial sexual assaults, but I’m convinced that in the dark, dusty halls of academia, in between meetings of the Third Wave Feminist Man Haters Club, many liberal women have Trump on a perpetual loop on their iPods as they read the latest erotica from Amazon.

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How else to explain something like The Pussyhat Project, which aims to symbolically turn women into walking vaginas by encouraging them to wear pink knit caps during anti-Trump protests?

A liberal acquaintance tried to partially justify this by lamenting that it took half the fun out of it when the people who are being mocked (us conservatives) don’t realize they’re being made fun of.

Obviously, we know liberals think they’re making a funny ha-ha at our expense. Actually, I think what’s truly funny is that liberals, with straight faces, think that objectifying women to protest the alleged objectification of women somehow makes any point other than that liberal girls — and I say “girls” because we’re dealing with a collective mental age of about 15 here — will fall for just about anything.

Why not just bounce up and down in a low-cut t-shirt that says, “Do me”?

Which brings us to the next most recent example, which occurred in Madrid, Spain, during the unveiling of a wax statue of The Donald in all his stocky macho glory. The Ukraine-based group Femen sent topless demonstrators, one of whom stormed the stage to fondle the Trump statue’s crotch in front of the press.

While that sort of behavior may have been the norm in the Bill Clinton White House, it’s unseemly in the Trump Administration. Still, there’s an inherent fascination that Trump inspires such behavior from women who presumably think he’s a cad for … allegedly doing what they seem to want to do with him?

As wax museum spokesman Gonzalo Presa said, “If they want to do this they should do it directly to him. This is too easy.”

Even before the election, Trump was stirring up the hoochie-coochies on the Left, like the nauseating Lena Dunham, Katy Perry and Madonna, who promised oral sex to anyone who voted against Trump, in one of the thinnest cover stories ever.

And don’t think it’s just the slut-positivity females on the Left who are swooning from Trump’s manly vibe. A German newspaper, Die Welt, ran an editorial saying that Germans need to be “more gay” to oppose Trump.

I have no idea how to take that — but apparently liberal German males do, so let’s just leave it alone.

The way things are going, how long will it be before some liberal author, in order to “protest” Trump’s treatment of women, writes a “Fifty Shades of Grey” type of erotic novel featuring a Trump-esque character? Soon, Trump’s image will be replacing the Fabio- and Marlboro Man-inspired heroes on novel covers.

Romance writers might want to get on this trend, figuratively speaking.

Trump should capitalize on this, as well. If nothing else, it would absolutely drive the Left bonkers if one time he walked out to a press conference while the Marine Corps band played “I’m Too Sexy (For My Shirt).”

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