Trump’s Law and Order Makes YUGE Impact on Deportation Numbers

The American people spoke loudly and succinctly in November 2016, telling the world that they were ready for a return to law and order in the U.S.

For far too long, the United States had been winging it, all willy-nilly, with President Barack Obama – a bleeding heart liberal with a soft spot for radical Islam and no shortage of excuses for the undocumented droves currently smothering the American economy.  His haphazard approach to foreign policy and national security led Americans down a dark path toward overt globalism that was only reversed by the overwhelming electoral statement made by the American people at the ballot box.

Now, President Donald Trump is behind the desk in the Oval Office, and it has signaled an enormous shift in how America as a nation conducts herself.  Law and order has made its return at the federal level, and the Commander in Chief has made it a point to focus on the current plight of the American immigration system.

And when it comes to measuring his success, the numbers don’t lie.

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“Deportations of illegal aliens living across the United States in the interior of the country increased 37 percent after President Trump signed his Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States Executive Order five days after being inaugurated.

“A year-end Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report reveals how effective Trump’s pro-enforcement executive order has been throughout the first year of his presidency thus far, with deportations of illegal aliens living in the U.S. — and not those caught at the border — peaking at more than 61,000 between January 20 to September 30, 2017.

“Compare that figure to the number of illegal aliens living in the interior of the country who were deported in that same time frame under former President Obama, when less than 45,000 illegal aliens were deported.”

Signaling a return to American greatness, this homecoming for lawfulness is all just a piece of the bigger “Trump Effect” puzzle.

By securing our nation’s border, we are also insulating ourselves from the influence of tax-dodging foreigners whose contributions to society will never compete with that of actual citizens.  This, in turn, will subtly push our entire fiscal agenda forward, further enhancing the economic effects already felt in this first year of Trump’s presidency.

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