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Did Trump’s immigration reform speech win the White House?

Immigration Reform has become a central issue in this campaign thanks to Donald Trump.

I live in Dublin Georgia. I  just moved here a few months ago. I was very happy to find the American Family Association’s talk network on one of my local Christian radio stations. I’ve been following Bryan Fischer’s career for quite some time.  Bryan’s show Focal Point has been tough but fair on Donald Trump. Fischer hasn’t endorsed Donald Trump.  Fischer lets you know when he believes Trump is faltering during the campaign.  I was very surprised with Fischer’s recent statements. Fischer stated that he believed Trump’s immigration reform speech just won him the White House.

Donald Trump may have just won the White House.

In a powerful, effective, and brilliant speech on the issue of illegal immigration delivered last night in Arizona, Trump laid out a view of true immigration reform that will secure our borders, protect our national security, protect American families in their own neighborhoods and communities, and above all, protect America’s cultural values.

A sure sign that this immigration reform speech was effective is the reaction from the media.

So called media “fact checkers” are everywhere on his speech. The media bring out the “fact checkers” when somebody speaks the truth. The “fact checkers” are basically a propaganda machine of the left used to discredit and trash conservative principles. They are mostly lies and untruths and messengers of misinformation. They come out in droves usually in panic to change the narrative quickly.

Trump’s immigration reform speech exposed Clinton and the open border Amnesty shills.

In Trump’s immigration reform speech he didn’t hold back. He exposed immigration reform. Trump said when reform is talked about by the pro-amnesty crowd, their interest is open borders. Trump made the case that Hillary’s definition of immigration reform is putting illegals first and citizens last. In addition, Trump clearly drew a sharp distinction of what he plans on doing and contrasted it with Hillary’s plans. What drives the left nuts is when Trump talks about enforcing current immigration laws. The media and the democrats are caught red handed when you bring up enforcing the current immigration laws. You catch them red handed as lawless and corrupt.  Trump’s immigration reform speech landed some huge punches. If he keeps this up he will win the white house.

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