Trump’s Got Big Border Wall News!

Another MAJOR victory for President Donald Trump’s agenda just cleared a big hurdle today. What? You didn’t hear about it from your local mainstream media news outlet? I can’t believe it…

Fortunately, President Trump is a fan of the social media and he told us all about it himself early this morning before setting off for a Presidential visit to France for Bastille Day.

So what was the big news?

Yes, Congress has finally allocated every single dollar of the $1.6 Billion that President Trump requested to begin building his beautiful wall along our Southern border.

This doesn’t mean the fight for the wall or the money is over, but it does mean that the task has cleared it’s most important hurdle. The Democrats will now step in and attempt every trick in the book to obfuscate, delay, and scuttle the border wall plans – so it’s incumbent on the Congressional GOP caucus to defend the President’s efforts. Sadly, this will be difficult because the GOP is more divided on the illegal immigration issue than the Democrat Party is and there are many Republican moderates looking to help the Democrats destroy President Trump’s wall.

The danger here is that the Border Wall was the central issue around which President Trump’s entire campaign was built. This wall is likely the single biggest reason that President Trump was elected to office, and if members of the GOP are seen blocking the wall from being built, they will be risking their own political lives.

Democrats, of course, have more leeway but still may face repercussions from this as well.. America’s liberal enclaves hate the idea of building a wall along the border, but moderate Democrats may face an angry uprising from their voters if they fight too hard against the wall. Don’t forget, that much of President Trump’s support in 2016, indeed the very voters who put him over the top in the Rust Belt, are the moderate Democrat votes that the Democrat Party needs to find a way of winning back.

Put simply, both parties face quite a conundrum when it comes to building (or not building) this wall.

Which side will get the victory?


Onan Coca

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