Trump’s Excellent Pick for EPA Chief Shows Who’s the Boss [VIDEO]

The Trump pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency is a global warming skeptic who believes in freedom.

The Trump pick to head the EPA is a climate change skeptic and a supporter of the use of oil for energy.

The appointment is not official yet, but CNBC seems to have a reliable source:

President-elect Donald Trump will nominate Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to serve as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a source familiar with the decision confirmed to CNBC on Wednesday.

Pruitt has been a fierce critic of the EPA, and has been tied to the oil and gas industry, which aligns with Trump’s signaling of an interest in loosening energy regulations.

The article goes on to describe Pruitt’s record on the environment and the EPA. It summarizes:

Of the 19 previous EPA administrators going back to 1970, Pruitt would easily be the most stridently anti-environment person to ever head the agency.

Calling Pruitt anti-environment is a libel. Pruitt does not advocate filling the environment with health-destroying pollution. The people who presume to call themselves “environmentalists” are trying to control speech in such a way to prevent clear analysis and discussion.

The Trump pick for EPA chief is not anti-environment but anti-regulation. Marc Morano writes at Climate Depot,

Trump’s pick of Pruitt finally means that a Republican President is standing up the green establishment! Historically, EPA chiefs have been among the most pro regulatory members of past Republican presidents from Nixon through Ford, Reagan and both Bushes. Trump has broken the cycle!

Climate sanity has been restored to the U.S. EPA. No longer do we have to hear otherwise intelligent people in charge in DC blather on about how EPA regulations are necessary to control the Earth’s temperature or storminess. See: Huh?! Obama advisor John Podesta claims EPA CO2 regs (which don’t impact global CO2 levels) are needed to combat extreme weather: ‘The risk on the downside you’re seeing every day in the weather’

No longer do we have to endure GOP presidents avoiding battle over the green agenda by picking EPA chiefs that were timid at best. We know how bad GOP EPA picks have been in the past because many former GOP EPA chiefs all endorsed President Obama’s EPA climate regulations. See: EPA chiefs who served under Republicans press for climate action

Conservatives should realize that Trump, who may not even be that conservative, has picked a better person than any previous Republican President.

Does anyone think Jeb Bush would have chosen Pruitt or someone as good as him? Highly doubtful!

If Trump saves America from regulations that raise the price for energy, he will have truly saved the Middle Class.

The Trump pick for the EPA should give us hope about other Trump appointments. Earlier the media reposted that Trump was changing his mind about climate change. He even met with Al Gore. But none of that mattered.

As Morano wrote, “Basically Trump listened to what Gore had to say at their New York City meeting and then he exercised his good judgement and did the exact opposite.”

May he do the same for the Secretary of State and the Supreme Court.

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