Trump’s Economic Advisers Are Too White and Male for the Media

According to media comments, Donald Trump’s economic advisers should have been chosen according to diversity quotas instead of what he thinks will actually help all Americans.

News broke yesterday about Trump’s economic advisers and their race and sex is the most important thing about them, according to the media.

Here’s a typical example:

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The “reporter” on CNN was even more emphatic. But the video auto-starts so I won’t embed it here. Follow the link. An excerpt from the accompanying article:

Donald Trump on Friday unveiled his team of economic advisers, which draws heavily on industry executives in finance and real estate.

The list has some big Wall Street names, such as Steven Feinberg and John Paulson, and billionaires, including Harold Hamm and Andy Beal.

And several are Trump donors, including Beal, Hamm, Feinberg, Tom Barrack and Steven Mnuchin, who also serves as finance chairman for Donald J. Trump for President.

None of advisers is a woman. Trump on Thursday struggled to name any women he’d consider appointing to his Cabinet, other than his daughter, Ivanka.

Okay. So which matters more to women: a better economy or a female economic adviser to the President?

Barack Obama is the president and is black, right? Has that meant that African-Americans are economically better off than they were under Bush? No, just the opposite.

The media is attempting to brainwash us into caring more about these trivial, politically correct optics than about our economic wellbeing.

Which is more important to women? That one or more members of Donald Trump’s cabinet be female, or that American women have a higher standard of living?

The media wants to distract you from one by invoking the other.

At least, Donald Trump didn’t propose giving a white male who has been accused of rape responsibility for the American economy.

But hey, Trump is part of the “war on women” right? Just nod your head and march to media’s music.

war on women

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