Is Trump’s Decision on Transgendered and the Bathrooms Correct?

There are many things that the right could complain about, especially if they are of the humanist or progressive flavor. There is also the question of illegal immigration and the ramping up of the deportations. But there is one thing that seems to be central to Trump’s decision-making. Authority!

Now, for the covenant minded, this should be good news. No, not everything is coming up roses, but there is a reason for hope, at least here. When asked about the questions of homosexual unions and bathroom laws, Trump was quick to point out that he thought the POTUS was not authorized to handle these matters. Now he seems to be putting this into action.

The Washington Times reports

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Responding to reports that President Trump will reverse the Obama administration’s rule on transgender bathrooms for students, the White House said Tuesday that Mr. Trump views it as a “states’ rights” matter.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer didn’t specifically discuss details of a pending action but said guidance will be coming from the Justice Department and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“The president has maintained for a long time that this is a states’ rights issue,” Mr. Spicer said. “This is not something that the federal government should be involved with.”

This puts all of the responsibility back on the states to govern themselves. And this is not the first time that he has done this. As I reported, Trump has pushed the question of funding for Planned Parenthood back to the states.

This could be a very healthy trend. It actually will decentralize our government and place more power in the hands of the people. I wish our Founders would have thought of such things.

Oh! That’s right! That was how they originally intended this country to run. Maybe Trump’s a radical after all.

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