Trump’s Budget just $50 Billion Less than Obama’s

Liberals are appalled by Trump’s budget request. But they are overreacting… 

Trump released his budget request (finally). The news media got their hands on the details early, and they’ve presented their spin. The big headline is this: Trump will “slash” spending by $3.6 trillion. Of course, that’s over the next 10 years.


That means real savings of $360 billion a year. But those numbers are slippery. Trump’s FY 2018 budget request is reported to amount to $4.094 trillion. According to Wikipedia, this is just $53 billion less than Obama’s FY 2017 budget request of $4.147 trillion. That’s a decline of about 1.3% — negligible. On the other hand, if his budget came in at $360 billion less ($3.787 trillion), that’d be a decline of about 8.7%. Not great, but better than 1.3%.

In a previous article, I discussed where about 75% of the federal budget is allotted: Social Security, Medicare, the military, and interest paid on the debt. For his 2018 budget request, Trump is allegedly going to request an increase in the military budget of $43 billion, but the following years the military budget drops back to what it is this year.

To fund that temporary increase, he wants to cut welfare for the poor, we’re told. Liberals are reacting hysterically, as you might imagine:

Democrats and anti-poverty advocates decried the changes, saying that Trump is seeking to strip support for the most vulnerable Americans while cutting taxes for the wealthiest.

“This would pull the rug out from so many Americans who need help: those suffering from opioid and heroin addiction, people in nursing homes and their families who care for them, the elderly, the disabled and children,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said.

To help balance this 1.3% reduction, Trump is going after programs like Medicaid and food stamps…


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