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Trump’s Approval Rating Just Embarrassed A Previous POTUS

The presidency of Donald Trump has proven to be one of the most incredible and unlikely success stories of the 21st century so far, and we’re only now getting started.

It was completely acceptable to believe that Donald Trump was going to have a hard time winning over the nation at large.  That was a totally reasonable feeling to have given that he was a New York City non-politico who invited Hillary Clinton to his wedding, and not to mention that he would be facing a “resistance” from the left the likes of which no one in our nation had seen before.  There was a reasonable expectation of tough times ahead for the populist President, but the man has delivered in spades.

Not only is he staring down the barrel of a Nobel Peace Price for solving the six decades-long North Korea issue in 18 months, but President Trump is presiding over an economy that has shattered all expectations.

Heck, one of the hardest thing Trump had to deal with was the ignorant charisma of Barack Obama, who schmoozed his way through 8 years of giving away everything but the kitchen sink.  Now, it seems as though Trump has gotten that out of the way as well.

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While the mainstream media continues to depict President Donald Trump as an authoritarian leader hungry for power and not worthy of the presidency, polling reveals Trump’s approval rating is better than his predecessor’s was during the same period in his first term.

As Howard Kurtz at Fox News noted, it’s “hardly the statistic you’d expect from someone on the verge of political oblivion.”

According to the latest Fox News poll, 45 percent of approve of Trump’s performance, while just 51 percent disapprove. In April, Trump received 44 percent approval. Meanwhile, Rasmussen, which tracks Trump’s daily approval, found Trump’s approval between 47-49 percent last week.

No matter how you slice it, the numbers show more Americans approve of Trump’s job performance than they did former President Barack Obama’s during the same time period in Obama’s first term.

Rasmussen numbers show that Obama’s approval bottomed out at 41 percent in June 2010.

How on earth can the liberal left continue to live with the lies that they tell themselves?

Despite all odds, President Trump is succeeding, and the left side of American politics is about to suffer from an extreme bout of foot-in-their-mouths syndrome.  Americans like what they’re seeing from a non-politico, citizen President…Washington’s ruling class may want to dust off that old resumé.



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