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Trump’s Anger Over Russia Investigation Intensifies, POTUS Now Shouting at TV

The liberal oppression of the Trump administration has gotten completely out of hand, and the President is growing evermore furious in its wake.

While Robert Mueller continues his investigation into the alleged ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, a number of heinous, anti-conservative maneuvers have been pulled by the radical left.  A shooting at a congressional baseball practice for the GOP, death threats by celebrities such as Kathy Griffin, and a play depicting the assassination of Trump have all contributed to a hateful and terrifying American leftist culture in recent weeks.  It’s enough to drive anyone mad, including the President.

Now, in the wake of this unfathomable hatred being exuded by the nation’s liberals, Trump has grown increasingly furious with the media that allows this vitriol to continue morphing into violent action, to the point where aides are reporting that the President is now shouting angrily at the television as the news rolls in.

“He lashed out at a top Justice Department official overseeing the inquiry, reflecting his mounting frustration with the unrelenting controversy that has consumed his early presidency.

“‘I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt,’ the president wrote on Twitter.

“His morning missive apparently referred to Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general whose role leading the federal investigation has become increasingly complicated.

“Trump advisers and confidants describe the president as increasingly angry over the investigation, yelling at television sets in the White House carrying coverage and insisting he is the target of a conspiracy to discredit – and potentially end – his presidency.”

Trump has been under serious fire from the left in recent weeks, and his anger is certainly relatable for many Americans.

As the radical left is literally waging war on conservative values, with shots being fired in several incidents over the course of the last week, many are coming to the conclusion that a New Civil War is blossoming.  The American liberal is turning violent and vitriolic, and there is nothing that Donald Trump can do to stop it, short of altering his entire presidency to fit the misguided views of these traitors.  The President is between a rock and a hard place, once again, and it will take more than shouting at the television to nullify the very real, physical threat from the left.

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