Trump’s Accusers: Why They Came Out With Stories of Sexual Assault Now!

As I begin this article, eight women have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault.  And in a show of solidarity, the left wing media treats their statements as if they are gospel.

But I and many others believe the timing is too convenient.  Why? Why do we take these charges with a grain of salt?

Donald Trump is a billionaire.  He has been in the public eye for thirty to forty years.  And during that time he was surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful women.

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Do you know how many women during those years claimed he sexually assaulted them?  None!  Nada! Zilch!  Seriously, let that sink in for a moment.

Now I have a question.  Why didn’t these women come forward during the Republican primary?

You’d think the minute they saw their supposed attacker interviewed earlier this year, or saw him during one of the primary debates, the awful memories of the events they are now rehearsing would come rushing back and that they would have come forward at that time to tell their story.

But Noooo!  They waited just one month before the general election to come forward with the horrible traumatic tale.

If you are a thinking man or woman, surely the timing is suspicious, to say the least.

Needless to say, none of these accusers has a shred of evidence to back up their claim.  They just want to be believed.  Well, sorry cupcake, I cannot and do not believe you. I know the lame-street media believes you, as well as Hillary Clinton and her cronies, but not I.

And it makes little difference to those who drink this Kool-aide that just as many women have come out from the other side, including Natasha Rickley, former Miss Teen Nebraska, who said,

“I was contacted today by a producer at ABC News in New York. She is wanting to question me regarding the Miss Teen USA allegations. They also let me know that they are reaching out to All of my fellow contestants from 1997. I am going to be very truthful and let ABC know that Donald Trump was an absolute gentleman. I never witnessed any inappropriate behavior whatsoever the entire two weeks that I participated in the pageant. I’m sure that none of my interviews will make the news since I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Donald. I do find it interesting and important for people to know that these are the depths the media is going to for their smear campaign.” 

Another woman involved in the pageant stated on video,

“I’ve heard some horrible, horrible things on the news today that has troubled my heart, and that is why I’m coming forward now to tell you that these accusations are wrong, they’re false. These young ladies trusted me…If ever there was a time that Mr. Trump had done anything inappropriate, they would’ve come to me before they even went to their parents.”

Commenting on the charges made by the now elderly Jessica Leeds, Trump made a reference to her appearance.  He did it in a joking manner, saying look at her compared to those women who have been in his life.  The inference being, she was and is not his type.

He didn’t say she was ugly, as FoxNews reporter Megyn Kelly stated.  In fact, he never said those words.  Kelly unjustly put them in Donald Trump’s mouth.

Ms. Leeds’ story has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.  But rest assure, the feeding frenzy isn’t over.  More Hillary pawns will crawl out from under the rocks seeking their 5 minutes of fame accusing Trump of everything from running around Central Park naked at night howling at the moon to forcible rape.  They, like those before them, won’t have any evidence, just accusations.


Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson was the former Director of the Apologetics Group and President of Nicene Council. He was the senior writer/researcher for numerous documentaries including the best-selling Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism. In the 1990s he served as Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of Hillsborough County Florida. He currently holds an M.A. in Christian Studies and a M. Phil. in Christian Apologetics. He lives with his wife of nearly 30 years and has four children and four grandchildren.

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