Trump Wiretapping Evidence to be Submitted to House Committee in Near Future


Donald Trump’s claim of being targeted with a wiretap by the Obama administration will soon be heard by a house committee, according to a new interview with the President.

The accusation by President Trump against former President Obama has irked liberals across the nation in recent days.  Many on the left are incensed the the President would make such claims against their demagogue Obama, even though prominent democrats have come forward to relate their tales of insider espionage.  Now, President Trump says that he will be submitting evidence of his being wiretapped to a house committee in the very near future.

“President Trump discussed his tweeted accusation that President Obama ordered “wires” at Trump Tower tapped during last year’s presidential campaign in an exclusive interview with Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Wednesday.

“Trump told host Tucker Carlson that the administration ‘will be submitting things’ to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence ‘very soon.’ The president added that he ‘will be, perhaps speaking about this next week’ and predicted that ‘you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next 2 weeks.’

“When asked by Carlson why he tweeted about the alleged phone tap before producing evidence, Trump said his definition of wiretapping ‘covers a lot of different things.’

“‘That really covers surveillance and many other things,’ he said. ‘Nobody ever talks about the fact that [the words ‘wires tapped’] was in quotes [in the tweet], but that’s a very important thing.'”

While Trump is likely being somewhat vague in the interest of playing his cards close to the chest, this is certainly an interesting development in the case.  Should Trump be able to convince a house committee that he was indeed being illegally surveilled by former President Obama, that would create even more doubt about the democratic party and their ruthless tactics.


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