Trump Wins Presidential Election…Again!

Leftist lunatic Jill Stein’s recount effort crashed and burned and in the end saw a net gain of 131 votes for Trump in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin finalized its recount this week, showing Trump with more than a 22,000 vote margin of victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

On the same day, Pennsylvania also certified its election results with Trump trouncing Clinton by more than 44,000 votes.

“Green Party candidate Jill Stein successfully requested, and paid for, the Wisconsin recount. In addition to her failed Pennsylvania recount attempt, Stein’s bid for a similar statewide recount in Michigan was blocked by the courts. Stein only got about 1 percent of the vote in each of the three states, which Trump swept on his way to the White House. She argued, without evidence, that voting machines in all three states were susceptible to hacking.” —

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Suspicion of hacking in Pennsylvania was not enough for U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond, who said Stein’s recount effort “border on the irrational.”

“Most importantly, there is no credible evidence that any `hack’ occurred, and compelling evidence that Pennsylvania’s voting system was not in any way compromised,” Judge Diamond explained.

Green Party attorneys were disappointed with the outcome, and may still choose to appeal the decision.

“But one thing is clear,” said Ilann Maazel, an attorney representing Stein and the Green Party, “The Pennsylvania election system is not fair to voters and voters don’t know if their votes counted, and that’s a very large problem.”

When Stein began her recount effort, many Democrats cheered, and Republicans groaned.

Reminiscent of the Florida recount in 2000 when then Vice-President and Democrat challenger Al Gore called for a recount in selected counties attempting to steal the election from George W. Bush, many Republicans opposed the recount effort.

Stein and Company did the exact same thing calling for recounts in states in which Hillary lost by seemingly narrow margins.

The question is, why didn’t Stein call for a recount in New Hampshire which Hillary won by less than 3,000 votes, has never been adequately answered by the Green Party or their attorneys.

Further, she only picked states Clinton lost, which were considered blue, and not one state which Clinton won.

The hypocrisy was quite evident to most Republicans and Democrats, as well as Judge Diamond.

So with the recount effort pretty much settled, coupled with the fact that Stein refused to pay a one-million-dollar bond in Pennsylvania to begin the recount effort, one has to wonder if she will return the nearly 7 million dollars she fleeced from voters.

Stein’s website stated they need to raise 2.5 million, and then upped the amount to 4.5 million, and then upped it again to 9.5 million.

As questions arose as to what would happen to any surplus, Stein’s website added this note, “If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.”

The new progressive American translation?  We are keeping your money….suckers!

Maybe there should be an investigation of the Green Party by the Trump White House?  Maybe send the IRS to investigate?  Perhaps revoke their non-profit status?


Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson was the former Director of the Apologetics Group and President of Nicene Council. He was the senior writer/researcher for numerous documentaries including the best-selling Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism. In the 1990s he served as Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of Hillsborough County Florida. He currently holds an M.A. in Christian Studies and a M. Phil. in Christian Apologetics. He lives with his wife of nearly 30 years and has four children and four grandchildren.

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