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Trump White House Considers Heavy Duty Electronics Ban to Fight Leaks

Donald J. Trump has been an unconventional President in a myriad of serious, yet completely necessary ways.

By electorally eviscerating Barack Obama’s heir apparent Hillary Clinton in November of 2016, Trump ensured that he would face a number of uphill battles in the four years to come.  In this first quarter of this term, the Commander in Chief has already been subject to a number of threats against his life, including numerous White House fence jumpers and a grotesque campaign by the mainstream media to normalize his very assassination.

One threat to his presidency seems to be more ingrained in the Washington culture than others, however, as a steady stream of leaked information has been migrating from the White House to the press in the last 12 months.

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These leaks have been varied, with hefty tidbits of policy information hitting the press alongside tiny, trivial bits of information that feed into the mainstream media’s collaborative effort to sabotage America.

Now, as the administration gets down to brass tacks on major policy changes, the President is considering drastic action to patch the dam.

“The White House may ban its employees from using personal mobile phones while at work, raising concerns among some staffers including that they’ll be cut off from family and friends, according to seven administration officials.

“The White House already takes precautions with personal wireless devices, including by requiring officials to leave phones in cubbies outside of meeting rooms where sensitive or classified information is discussed. Top officials haven’t yet decided whether or when to impose the ban, and if it would apply to all staff in the executive office of the president.

“While some lower-level officials support a ban, others worry it could result in a series of disruptive unintended consequences.

“Mobile devices issued by the White House aren’t able to send text messages, creating a hardship for staff who say texting is often the easiest way for their families to reach them in the middle of a busy day of meetings. Other staff are concerned that they could be accused of wasting government resources if they use White House-issued phones to place personal calls.

“The White House computer network already blocks employees from accessing certain websites, including Gmail and Google Hangouts, meaning that without personal devices officials could be cut off from their personal email accounts throughout the work day.”

Officials are stating that the device ban is not related to the leaks, rather that cyber security is the main impetus.  Many White House observers find that claim preposterous.

Warfare and espionage have certainly taken on new forms in recent years, with our government relying on the internet quite heavily.  This has led to a number of massive security breaches brought about by the use of personal devices, most notably the private email server used by Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State – a crime that a vast majority of Americans believe that the former First Lady should be tried for.

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