Cruz Hits Back Hard

Ted Cruz Hit Back HARD After Trump Attacked His Wife [VIDEO]

Over the course of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump has said and done many things that have caused me to roll my eyes, laugh, sigh, become upset, sad, and even angry. However, up until this point, those reactions were relegated to my mind; I’d never been physically affected by Trump’s behavior. That changed Wednesday.

Earlier this week, after an anti-Trump Super PAC called Make America Awesome released an ad featuring a nude photo of Melania Trump, things heated up quickly. Donald Trump freaked out, and tweeted the following:

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The image in question was from a photo shoot Melania did in 2000 for GQ in which she posed nude in handcuffs. Although the ad suggested that Utah residents vote for [score]Ted Cruz[/score] over Trump, the Super PAC itself has no affiliation with Cruz.

Cruz tweeted back:

By law, Super PACs aren’t allowed to coordinate with campaigns. Moreover, the head of the PAC, Liz Mair, took full responsibility for the ad.

In other words, [score]Ted Cruz[/score] had nothing at all to do with the ad–and for good measure, Cruz even condemned it. But Trump believes what he wants to believe:

Trump is either unaware of the law, or he just wants to throw as much mud at Ted Cruz as possible. It’s also likely that he wants to gratify his frothing acolytes, like a Roman emperor presiding over a gladiator match.

This is all classic Trump. It’s awful, but not surprising. I’ve seen a lot in politics over the years, so I have a high tolerance for the nastiness that comes with it. But then it got even uglier.

Wednesday, Trump tweeted a side-by-side of Cruz’s wife Heidi, and his wife Melania, writing “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

It was this tweet that set my blood on fire; it actually made me nauseated. I’ve never experienced a political event that caused a visceral reaction in me until now.

Trump’s tweet was “liked” 23,000 times and retweeted 9,200 times.

Cruz’s reply to Trump was simple:

Then when questioned by reporters about the incident, Cruz unleashed, and it was four minutes of awesome:

I don’t have a large, philosophical point to make here; I’m not trying to forward a policy argument. My intent here is to show you what kind of man Donald Trump is, and in turn, what kind of man Ted Cruz is.

I want you to see Trump’s disgusting behavior with your own eyes–behavior so sickening that I actually felt nauseated when I saw his tweet. I’m not being hyperbolic.

Donald Trump is a small man with frighteningly large ambitions. He’s made it clear that absolutely nothing is off limits on his path to power. That should scare the living hell out of every single American.

Please, join me in uniting behind Ted Cruz, not only because of his intelligence and depth of policy knowledge, but because if we fail to do so, we get Donald Trump–and that’s simply unacceptable.

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