Trump Weighs In On North Carolina’s “Bathroom Law” [VIDEO]

It is hard to decide on Trump. One day I like what he says and the next I hate what he says. The problem that I think we face in Trump is Trump. Not to prejudge, but it seems that Trump is an example of why morals are so important.

If a person has no reason to take an ethical stand, other than it is what is most expedient or profitable, then there is no moral base. Trump finds no problems being extremely conservative on one issue but extremely liberal on another. The reason is that he does nothing from a belief system.

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It should not be a surprise then that Trump has no problem supporting the LGBT agenda.

Christian News reports

Being interviewed at a town hall event in Indianapolis on Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump expressed objection to North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” and said that he is fine with those who identify as the opposite sex using the restroom of their choice.

“Oh, I had a feeling that question was going to come up, I will tell you. North Carolina did something that was very strong. And they’re paying a big price. There’s a lot of problems,” he replied.

And this is not very different from answers he has given in the past. And this kind of talk may encourage the LGBT community, but they need to realize that there is a grave problem with Trump’s thinking here. Not just from a Christian view of things.

Say Trump wins the election, and once in office, he finds that NC has survived its bathroom battle and once again starts to thrive. What then? Do they think that he will stand on a principle and support them? If they do, then they have no understanding.

Trump is not pro-LGBT because he thinks sodomy is okay or right. Trump is pro-LBGT because it pays.

What happens when the LGBT community is no longer the highest bidder, or it does not benefit Trump to support them? They will be dropped like so much bad garbage.

And for the deniers, I have provided a video of what I have reported. That way you can hear your fearless leader say these things yourself.

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