Trump Vindicated, AGAIN, On Phony Russian Hacking Story


President Trump has been fighting an uphill battle against the mainstream media regarding Russia for months.

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Finally, it seems, the overdrawn and immediately debunked fallacy will be buried in a shallow grave, in a plot adjacent to the rest of the liberal media’s lies about the 45th President of these United States.  A new report indicates that the FBI found no culpability on behalf of Donald Trump for anything Russia did, but did not, do during the election.

“U.S. officials say a months-long FBI counterintelligence investigation into Russian attempts to manipulate the U.S. election, did not bring up enough evidence to charge anyone criminally, according to a report from Circa.

“Agents who investigated claims of computer server activity tied to Russia and then President-elect-Trump’s businesses in New York’s Trump Towers came to the conclusion that no disreputable contacts, financial transactions or encrypted communications occurred with the Russians, according to Circa.

“Those in the intelligence community who spoke to the outlet appeared to be frustrated over the representation in the media of their investigation of Russia’s activities.”

Teflon Trump now seems nearly unstoppable to the political left, who have risked what was left of their reputation and dignity in attempting to tie the President to Russia in some form or another.  All that is left to be seen is whether or not the liberal media will finally declare the Russia-Trump connection stories “fake news” and move on to actual journalism.

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