Trump Unfit?

Newspaper Declares Trump “Unfit” to Be President, But Guess Who They’re Supporting?

A major Wisconsin newspaper came out in an editorial declaring Donald Trump unfit to be president.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has made a splash by finding Donald Trump unfit for the nation’s highest office.

The start with a string of clichés that are common among outraged liberals:

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No to Donald Trump.

No to his bigotry.

No to his contempt for women and minorities. No to his vague, clueless bluster about the problems facing the nation.

No to Trumpism, which runs counter to the ideals of this nation of immigrants, to the notion that by working together under the rule of law, we can protect freedom and promote inclusion and fair play.

Wisconsin Republicans: Reject this un-American candidate on April 5.

As a conservative, I oppose Trump. I can’t stand his pro-Planned Parenthood stance, his advocacy of eminent domain, and his protectionism, among other things.

But what does this newspaper hope to achieve by this tone and rhetoric? This is exactly the kind of smear that makes Donald Trump attractive to many voters. There are plenty of women and minorities who support Trump. His so-called “bigotry” is for proposing the enforcement of the law. Don’t these editors understand that the government’s hypocrisy in disregarding its own immigration laws is more offensive to many people than the fact that those same hypocrites refer to them as bigots?

It turns out that the editors oppose [score]Ted Cruz[/score] as well. They endorse John Kasich, the delusional megalomaniac. These people see all Trump’s character flaws but think that Kasich is leadership material.

This is entirely insane. Trump and Cruz have won, between them, every state but two. Kasich could only win his own state where he was governor. Kasich has no chance of winning many delegates. What are the editors of the newspaper hoping for? (I am writing this before the primary results are in.) It seems they want Kasich to be imposed as the nominee against the will of that vast majority who voted against him.

Instead of thinking Trump unfit, maybe the Wisconsin public should ask themselves if the Journal Sentinel is fit to stay in business as a newspaper.

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