Trump Twitterstorm Targets Leaks, Clinton, Conspiracy Theories, and More

President Donald Trump has been targeted by any and every liberal scheme or scam imaginable in recent weeks, and this morning, he lashed out at his numerous detractors.

The President, who was chosen in an electoral landslide, has been attempting for months to push forward with his “America First” campaign promises, but to little effect.  The left has become radicalized, and have begun violently upping the ante with their “resistance” movement, opposing the President in every possible avenue.  This includes not only constantly attempting to delegitimize his election win, but also legislatively stymying every single attempted change that Trump has promised.

All of this friction boiled over early this morning, as the Commander in Chief took to Twitter to lambast his critics.

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First up, the President addressed the litany of leaks coming from within the administration, which have given plenty of ammunition to his detractors.


Hillary Clinton was certainly not spared either, as the President reminded the nation of her own myriad of scandals.


And, of course, the President had some strong language for the democrats who continue to impede the progress of our nation:



Certainly, the President’s critics will jump on this Twitter tirade with glee, pointing once again to their ridiculous assertion that Trump is mentally unstable.  This absurd accusation has been recently linked to an ill-fated congressional attempt to impeach the President citing the 25th Amendment.

Now, as The Donald continues to power through the Washington swamp, it momentarily looks as though the elitists of the Black Lagoon currently have the upper hand.  That hasn’t stopped our Commander in Chief from fighting for the American people, but it has shaken the administration enough to warrant a Twitter tongue-lashing like only a Trump could give.

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