Trump Twitter Slip-up Inspires Howitzer Operator to Rename His Weapon

Donald Trump’s proficient use of Twitter has been the subject of many a discussion in recent months, as the President breaks the mold in communicating with America.

Before the days of President Trump, presidential social media was a convoluted and sanitary collection of canned lines, talking points, and carefully crafted wordplay.  Presidents, congressmen, and the occasional governor all employed spin-cycle wordsmiths to condense their entire ethos into 140 characters of wit at once, staying on brand and appealing to the largest percentage of their key demographic possible.  It was all truly just political theater, occurring in a phony vacuum of “realtime”.

Trump, however, is not your ordinary President, and his social media habits are equally unconventional.  Sometimes, during that direct communication with the American people, however, the President shows a human side that is rarely afforded by other world leaders in the form of a typo.  The President’s most recent social media malfeasance?  An imaginary word that was, at one point, supposed to be “coverage”.

Instead, we have “covfefe”.

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As the internet latched onto the fictional word, a slew of memes and gags were splattered across social media.  It was an excellent, silly reprieve from the doom and gloom that seems to be surrounding Washington D.C. these days, and the Covfefe Movement continues.

“A U.S. Army howitzer is trolling the world thanks to a Trump-related message one soldier stamped on the gun.

“A photo provided to The Daily Caller shows the word ‘Covfefe’ stamped on the gun of an M109 Paladin.

“A source told TheDC that an individual made the stamp, not the U.S. Army.

“Twitter exploded about the possible meaning of ‘covfefe’ when Trump made a typo in a tweet on May 30, accidentally writing, ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe.’

“He followed it up, ‘Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!’”

Even when the President does make a mistake, it can be an uplifting and light experience for America.

No word yet on how many babies born in 2017 will be named “Covfefe”, or whether or not Ivanka Trump has trademarked the moniker for a new line of fragrances.

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