Trump Trims Overgrowth at the EPA

The EPA is a land-grabbing organization that relentlessly challenges the principle of private property. Trump just took it out to the woodshed.

Trump just signed an executive order to roll back the power increase the Obama administration granted to the EPA. This is good for freedom and good for citizens, so of course the liberals are screaming about how terrible it is:

The far-reaching order he unveiled Tuesday instructs federal regulators to rewrite key Obama-era rules curbing U.S. carbon emissions — namely the Clean Power Plan, which was intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s electric plants. It also seeks to lift a moratorium on federal coal leasing and remove the requirement that federal officials consider the impact of climate change when making decisions.

In sum, it amounts to a wholesale rebuke of Obama’s environmental efforts.

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Several of the measures could take years to implement and are unlikely to change broader economic trends that are pushing the nation toward cleaner sources of energy than coal. But the order sent an unmistakable message about the direction in which Trump wants to take the country — toward unfettered oil and gas production, with an apathetic eye to worries over global warming.

Climate change is dead. Citizens do not care. In a Gallup poll from 2016, only 41% of the respondents said they thought global warming will pose a serious threat to them during their lifetime. Fifty-seven percent said they didn’t think it would.


The much-hyped global warming parties held every so often have no force behind them. The last big gathering that occurred with the signing of the climate change treaty in Paris in December of 2015 was a tempest in a teapot. John Kerry made a last-minute change that completely destroyed the agreement. Spun as the correction of a random typo that changed “should” to “shall,” the US almost backed out. We would not sign the agreement with the world “shall” in place.

“Shall” is legal language for “you must do this or you will be sued.” Should, on the other hand, means “Eh, you can do what you want, but you really really should.”

If the US had signed that climate change agreement with the word “shall” instead of “should,” we would have come under the authority of some international body of unelected bureaucrats. We would have surrendered our sovereignty without the say-so of Congress.

Needless to say, it didn’t happen. That’s because no one really believes in climate change…

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