As Trump Travels to Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker Slams Hillary for “Enflaming” Problems in Milwaukee!

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) made an appearance on Fox News Tuesday to discuss the violence in Milwaukee, and Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to Wisconsin.

Walker made sure to knock Hillary Clinton’s rash commentary on the situation in Milwaukee this past weekend and to use her comments as evidence that she is unfit to lead our nation. In the wake of the police shooting and the ensuing riots, Clinton argued that the police needed to “rebuild trust” with the community, essentially blaming the police for the violent actions of the rioters. Here’s how Walker responded to Clinton’s un-nuanced commentary:

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“I think comments like that are just inflaming the situation. I think people understand in that neighborhood and Sherman Park and in Milwaukee, they want law enforcement to step up and protect them. I think statements like that and a lack of leadership we have had from the president on this issue only inflame the situation.”

Walker also spoke about Donald Trump’s upcoming appearance in Wisconsin, telling Fox News that he would be speaking at the event and arguing that he believed Donald Trump could win in Wisconsin… if he made the race a referendum on Hillary Clinton.

“I’ve talked to Donald Trump, I’ve talked to my friend Mike Pence, the great governor of Indiana just last week is that if Donald Trump is going to win here and win across the country, he needs to make it clear that the race is between him and Hillary Clinton.

She lied about her emails, put our national security at risk, she lied to the families of those fallen in Benghazi and told them it was a video when it wasn’t and now we see even more evidence that there’s a question as to where the state department ended and where the Clinton foundation started; a lot of crossover there that I think the American people want to know… were foreign interests giving to her while she was Secretary of State at the Clinton foundation?”

Here’s Governor Walker’s appearance on Fox:

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