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Trump Travel Ban Jumps HUGE Federal Legal Hurdle


President Donald Trump has made one thing particularly clear in his first 6 weeks as President:  He will protect the American people.

Refugee-instigated violence around the globe has caused many world leaders to take a step back and reevaluate their continued support of open borders and a relaxed idea of national sovereignty.  Just ask the Germans who are still reeling from some of the most vile and despicable crimes their nation has seen in decades, all revolving around the sudden influx of migrants from the middle east who are not being properly vetted by the government.

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Donald Trump is hellbent on preventing the kind of anarchy that Germans are facing from landing on the shores of America.  His first attempt at blocking travel from terror-rich middle eastern countries was halted by liberal angst and a dangerous ruling by a federal judge.  Now that President Trump has had a chance to rework his temporary travel ban, it looks like someone has had a change of heart.

The same judge who halted Trump’s previous Executive Order freezing refugees from coming into the country until extreme vetting could be implemented, has ruled in favor of President Trump’s new immigration order. I expected this would happen since Trump narrowed the scope of the order. He also did something else very clever. The stopping of refugees will now occur overseas through our embassy personnel rather than on US soil. That is much harder for our leftist judges to stop. This is good news.

“The travel ban is still a go and that means that six Middle Eastern countries will not be allowed to send refugees to the US for 90 days. Iraq was dropped from this list as they assured President Trump they would step up their vetting procedures. Hawaii was the first to sue to stop the new Executive Order. Now Washington state has joined with New York to give it a go. They have failed and it will stay in place. It’s about damned time. Washington and New York were trying to apply the previous ban to this order and it got slapped down.”

This 90 day window will be crucial as Trump and his administration work on their promised “extreme vetting” program that will allow refugees from these war torn nation so long as those refugees pass stringent background checks and investigations.

This then means that America can finally install the security infrastructure needed to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for decades to come.


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